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Hale Triathlon  - Sunday, September 7, 2014

Join us on Sunday, September 7, for the 11th Annual Triathlon! Each year this event raises money to send kids to camp.There are three races: Adult Race, Youth Senior race (ages 10-15) Youth Junior race (ages 6-9). These three races are all held at the same event on the same day at Hale Reservation.

Adult Tri:

Pond Swim:       .25 miles

Mountain Bike:  5.3 miles

Trail Run:          2.3 miles                          

Youth Sr. Tri:

Dockside Swim:  75 yards

Mountain Bike:    2 miles

Trail Run:           1 mile

Youth Jr. Tri:

Dockside Swim:  50 yards

Mountain Bike:    1 mile

Trail Run:           .5 miles

Hale will be sponsoring several training sessions for the Triathlon. Check back in June for updated training dates.

Training is free and participants do not need to be registered for the race to attend most training sessions. Myles Collins, a Hale volunteer, offers the following advice, “If you are not sure that you can do this race, the training is a good way to get a feel for it. If you are in good shape, you can use the training to learn the trails of the race course. Participants must sign in and sign out each day so trainers know we got everyone out of the woods.
You must follow the instructions of the training leaders for everyone's safety.”

Triathlon training is held every Monday Night in August at 6 p.m. It is for adults only. Typically trainings start with a swim at North Beach at 6 p.m. and then around 6:20 p.m. either run or ride. The runs and rides are on rugged terrain in the woods. Try to arrive early and be ready to swim at 6 because of limited daylight hours, especially on ride nights. If you arrive a bit late skip the swim and just start with the run or ride (after signing in).

All participants in training sessions do so at their own risk. Hale provides a lifeguard, but every part of the trainings is based on participants knowing their own limits and staying within their comfort level to insure safety. There are no first aid personnel available and while volunteers will help guide participants on routes, navigation on the trails is the responsibility of every participant.

Directions: Follow your GPS to the main office at 80 Carby St, Westwood, MA, continue up Carby Street 1/4 mile to the Cat Rock parking area and walk to North Beach.

Cat Rock Parking Area: Go past the main office on the left, continue up the road to the first big paved parking area on the left. This is Cat Rock Parking Area.North Beach: Park in Cat Rock Parking area. Follow the dirt road to the right of the bulletin board. At the bottom of the road turn left to get to the beach.
You may want to bring goggles for swimming. Bike helmets are required on ride days. This is training for an OFF-ROAD triathlon so on ride days participants will need a mountain bike. A hybrid is probably not adequate. A road bike is not an option. Hale will try to have the bathrooms open at the beaches when trainings are in session. The swim is typically 1/4 mile in laps near a long dock. The runs and rides can be up to full race distances (2.5 mile run, 6 mile ride).

For more information call 781-326-1770.

Race Day Information:

Adult Registration:  7:00 - 8:45Adult Race Start:  9:00Adult Awards: approx. 11:15Youth Registration:  9:30 – 11:45Youth Jr. Race Start:  12:00Youth Sr. Race Start:  following end of Youth Jr. Race, approx. 12:30Youth Awards:  approx. 1:45 

Click Here for Race Day Instructions: Race Day Info

Course Maps for Triathlon

All course distances and starting times subject to change. Course and topo maps to be updated when changes are finalized.  

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